Living in a Big City

If you´ve been following My Countryhome blog you know about my dream of living close to nature. I was born in one of the biggest cities in my country and although I love nature, deep down I´m a city girl.
My hometown is a city in which we can find a mixture of different scenarios. It has country views, mountain, sea, river and city. A mixture of different environments in one place and that´s what makes it so amazing.
Living in a big city has some advantages. What I like most in big cities is diversity and choice. In a big city services and shops are near and prices can be cheaper, plus, there are more career opportunities and schools. I also enjoy visiting cultural spots such as museums and galleries. Learning architecture and each monument´s history is something that always fascinated me.
If I could choose a big city to live, I would pick New York, the city that never sleeps. New York must be a terrific city to live in but perhaps too crowded. Huge highways, malls, schools, different career opportunities and a worldwide known night life. At least, this is the way I see it.
Another city that fascinates me is California. The weather is much better than New York´s and it´s a less crowded city. Not long ago, I was researching online about US real estate market and read a positive description of Sacramento as a good place to live in. A Sacramento property management website I visited describes this city as having an opportune real estate market these days.
If I had the chance to live in one of these two big cities I would like to work and, at the same time, complete my studies. Once language isn´t an obstacle for me, living in US could be a great opportunity to do something I really enjoy and isn´t possible in my country: Research in Psychology field.
And you? Which is your favorite city to live and why?

Photo: angeloangelo