Spring Arrived To Algarve

Spring arrived to Algarve. As you can see in the pictures above, my yellow Narcissuses already bloomed. I live in one of the city limits and near my flat there are many orange trees. Spring brings a very pleasant orange flower´s smell to the air.
Spring in Algarve is characterized by fog in the morning, sun during the day (16-20 Cº), more fog and lower temperatures at night.
Soon, Summer will be here again. The warm weather invites for many outdoor activities...


unspoken said...

Hello there!

It has been getting warmer and there is a buzz in the air!

The coastal city of Faro is amazing in the spring and the summer. Faro stands out as an important commercial, artistic and cultural centre. Often simply passed through by visitors as a gateway, the city in fact offers fascinating architecture as part of the region’s rich history.

Thanks for the info!

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