Disney: My Daughter´s Dream Vacations

Last year I worked non stop from April to December. I only had ten days vacations in the second half of December and now I still have eight days left to enjoy. My chief decided to give me those eight days this month. I´ll finally enjoy the rest of my 2009´s vacations.
My daughter dreams about having a Disney Vacation for such a long time. Each time I ask her where she would like to go she answers: Disney World. I would really love to take her there but we would need, at least, one week to visit this wonderful and magical place.
This year I started a savings fund so when summer arrives we´ll have enough money to cover a week´s vacation costs for both of us.
We have two favorite vacation destinations, Disney World and south Spain islands. As most kids, my daughter loves diversion parks and I´m sure we would have a wonderful time visiting Disney. There´s a Disney park in France but I think the best one is in Florida. My daughter´s Godmother lives in US but not in Orlando area otherwise I would ask her to stay at her place.
Spain is our neighbor country and spending a week vacations there is not very expensive because prices are similar to our country´s. A Disney vacation would require a bigger financial effort because we would have to get passports and cross Atlantic ocean. I´ve been looking on the Internet for the best options and I found some Disney vacations packages with all included. Once we never been in Orlando before, I think the best option would be one of these packages. From the images I´ve seen online, I know Disney is like a small city. Inside the park, we can find everything we need for a week of pure fun.
I´ve gathered all the information I need about Disney vacations. Now all I need is to save even more in the months ahead to make my daughter´s dream come true...maybe next summer vacations.


Laura@movetoportugal said...

Wow that would be a wonderful trip for your daughter M,.....and her mum :-)

Mizé said...

Hi Laura! would be. She´s been asking this for so long. Unfortunately, there´s always something...not enough time, money...
Will visit you soon.
Hugs, Mizé