Countryside Views: Martilongo III

Hi everyone.
Today, I´m posting other pictures S. took in Martilongo and Alcoutim. This two villages are located in Algarve´s mountains and are very near Alentejo. Both places have great countryside views:

Old Windmill: Giões road, on the way to Alcoutim.
Around 2 Km after the windmill you´ll find this small lagoon:

It´s winter here but we still have flowers in the fields.

This is the next spot to visit.
It´s a small place called "Água Santa de Besteiros",
a fountain in Vascão river.

When you reach Besteiros you´re no longer in Algarve.
You entered Alentejo region.

Older people say that this waters have medicinal properties, specially for nervous diseases. Visitors use to come here to bath and camping.
One thing is sure, this is a very relaxing place which has great countryside views. I think it´s a perfect spot to make a pic-nic or just spend some time close to nature. If only you could smell this´s so pure!


Nilz said...

I can appraise of the scenic beauty of this place from these photos. Wonderful.

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Sandra Carvalho said...

Adorei as fotos!