Cost of Living in Portugal: Gasoline Prices

Hi everyone.
It´s been a few weeks since my last post about the cost of living in Portugal. I´m still researching to write more articles about this topic.
Today, I´m posting gasoline prices. In Portugal, one of the European countries where gas is more expensive, we have two types of gasoline: 95 oct. and 98 oct.
Yesterday, I went to the gas station and paid: 1.115 Euros each liter. In Spain, our neighbor country, I pay less than one Euro.
The last time I went to Aya Monte, the nearest Spanish village (+/- 60 Km), I paid 0.84 Euros for each liter. Another big difference between us is the minimum wage. In Spain, they pay less taxes than we do, goods cost the same or less, and the minimum wage is almost the double.
Due to this and other factors, the poverty in Portugal has increased. Social security aid isn´t much and there are many retired living with 250.00 Euros or less each month. We´ve been in the Europe´s tale for too long.
See you.