My Countryhome Wishes: Happy New Year!

I´d like to send a big Thanks to all My Countryhome readers, followers, advertisers, visitors and fellow bloggers in my blogroll a very, very Happy New Year!
All the best and see you next year.


Laura @ move to portugal said...

Happy New Year Mize.

It was lovely to meet you and your family this year, lets hope we can meet againin 2009

Laura x

Mariuca said...

May this New Year bring you more love, joy and success. HAPPY 2009!

Wishing on a Falling Star
Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery

jenn said...

Happy New Year!

lis said...

Hello HAppy NEW YEAR to this blog and to YOU, WISH YOU HAVE A GREAT AND WONDERFUL year.

Babette said...

Hello Mize, Happy new year! I had to take a break from blogging and dropping EC. I'm back now. :o)

Mizé said...

Hi. Thanks to all!
May 2009 be a very Prosperous year to all of us.

Mizé said...

Laura: I´m happy to know you enjoyed meeting me "in the flesh", because I enjoyed meeting you too. You´re the first blogger I meet online and for real, something I will never forget.
If you come to Algarve in 2009, just let me know :)

Mizé said...

Hi Mariuca.
Thanks dear!
I wish you all the best, you smiley star :)

Mizé said...

Jen: Thanks!
A great 2009 for you too!

Mizé said...

Lis: Thanks!
I wish you all the best in 2009!

Mizé said...

Hi Babette.
A Prosperous 2009!
Gotta check your food blog to see what you´ve been up to :)

Sandra Carvalho said...

Happy New Year my friend!!!
Feliz Ano Novo!