Portuguese Fado: Mariza

In Portugal, we have a unique type of music called "Fado".
Fado isn´t Folklore music, it´s a music style with Portuguese Guitar you won´t find anywhere else in the world. The most famous Portuguese Fado singer was Amália Rodrigues, which passed away in October 1999. Nowadays, we have another great Fado singer that spreads our music throughout the world. Her name´s Mariza and she´s got a great voice, check it out:


Nilz said...

Not only that she has a great voice but also she has supreme control over her voice - very soothing - very delicate.

texas_sweetie said...

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Nilz said...

hi Mizé,
Bit off topic - I have an award for you on my blog .
Have a great time.

Chris said...

That sounds like a very emotional style of music & singing.

Good post!

Mizé said...

Hi to all. Thanks for your visits and comments.

To Nilz: Glad you liked Marisa, she´s really good, better live than in videos.
Thanks for the prize, it´s much appreciated. I´ll post it soon.

To Texas Sweetie: You´re welcome!
I´ll sure visit your friend´s site. Thanks for the tip, the price is good too. Cheers.

Mizé said...

Hi Chris.
Thanks for your visit.
Most Portuguese Fado is like a mourning about "Saudade"(missing something) or a loss, that´s why it is so emotional.
Mariza managed to create a more happy style of Fado (but not in this Amália music, here she´s singing a classic). Glad you liked my post. Your travel blog is very cool. Best Regards. Mizé.

Lori Skoog said... to your blog through Lynda in East Africa. I definately want to put the music of Mariza on my Journal. Love it. Enjoyed your posts.
Lori Skoog