Awesome Site Award for My Countryhome

Hi everyone. I´m honored to announce that Nilz, from Fancyshoppe, awarded My Countryhome Blog with the "Awesome Site Award". Thanks so much!
I confess that I´m a bit surprised and didn´t prepare a speech :) I guess I´m speechless...
Anyway, it´s very good to have such amazing and supportive readers like you. It makes me very happy to know that others care about my blogs. This kind of support is what gives me strength to keep learning and improving.
I´ll try to pass this award to other awesome blogs. For now, I´m awarding:

~ Food Fun Farm - A blog, which is daily updated, about Lynda´s life on a remote farm in the foothills of Kilimanjaro, East Africa. Her blog has lots of East & South African yummy recipes & talk about Tanzanian life, farm life, pets & gardening. You all know I love animals, don´t you?
I admire Lynda´ sense of humor, courage, and kindness, characteristics present in many of her posts. A big thanks to Lynda for being a reader of My Countryhome blog.

Updated: 2/09/08

~ - It´s a site about a couple, with four children, that purchased an 1855 home in Upstate New York which needs to be renovated. In this site Rebeca reports their progress and difficulties while improving their home. They publish many pictures and all posts are very well written.
I also enjoy Freakyfrugality. Rebeca has a sense of humor I appreciate and many times I have a good laugh with some of her posts. Thanks for visiting my blogs, you got yourself another loyal reader :)


Lynda said...

MIZE congratulations on this award & thank you so much for awarding it to my blog - I'm honoured :)

Mizé said...

Hi Lynda. Thanks, Nilz is a frequent visitor, maybe you saw his comments, but I was caugt by surprise with this award.
I enjoy reading your blog, even if I can´t make it everyday, I catch up later.
You deserve all the best. Cheers!

Nilz said...

Thanks. I get to learn lots of saving tips from your blog. Hopefully, other readers are also finding them equally useful. Keep it up.

Lynda said...

Thanks, Mize also for the kind words you said about me ! I'm off now to see what you're cooking today over on your food blog ;)

Mrs. Mecomber said...

Wowee Mize! I am really overwhelmed! This is a great honor, thank you! I hope to post something about it this week. :)