Folkfaro 2008

Hi everyone. Today´s post is about Folkfaro, the International Folklore Festival that every year animates Faro´s marina, and which I like very much. This festival first edition was in 2003. This year it takes place every night, from 16th to 24th August.
This festival is free, and I think it´s a great choice for a cultural, frugal, night program that pleases the whole family. The festival organization provides chairs near the stage, which are free to use. At the same time you can find an art and crafts exposition next to the marina.
This year, Folkfaro includes groups from: Arménia - Sarga Folk Ensemble, Bulgary- Folk Dance Ensemble Detstvo, Colômbia - Fundación Artística y Cultural Imagen y Expresion, Holand - Paloina Dance Group, Índia - Jugnu Bhangra Group, Quénia - African Tumbas and several from Portugal - Grupo Etnográfico de Danças e Cantares da Nazaré, Rancho Regional “Recordar é Viver” de Espinho, Rancho Folclórico da Romeira, Grupo Folclórico de Vila Nova de Sande, Rancho Folclórico da Arpi, Rancho Folclórico da Luz de Tavira, Grupo Folclórico de Faro.
If you´d like to see a bit of this festival, I found last year´s edition video, check it out:

Source of picture and more info about Folkfaro:


texas_sweetie said...

such nice folklore in the video.i love the colorful dresses they use and the music do I don't understand the lyrics at all.

P.S. thanks for commenting in my blog post and for allowing me to advertise on your blog.Keep it up.You have a nice blog here.

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Mizé said...

Hi. Thanks for your visit and compliments. Glad you liked the video, it shows Folklore from different countries including mine. The first music in this video is Spanish, the second is Portuguese and English. Those are just musics they used when they did the video.
I´ll vote for your baby.

Anonymous said...

hi!! my name is irene and i´m spanish my group danced in folkfaro 2008 because colombia and armenia they can´t went to the festival. i´m very happy with the festival all was fantastic and the people too. i loved the group of kenia . please apologize my english byeee

Mizé said...

Hi Irene, nice to meet you.
I´m glad you liked my country and the festival. People here are warm.
I also like to see African dances, it transports me somewhere to our ancestors.
Your english is fine, I understood everything.
See you.

Anonymous said...

Hallo, I'am Katja and i danced at FolkFaro in Paloina from Holland. My group had a perfect time in Faro. We loved our 'house' the performances, the audience, the guides, the people of portugal.
PALOINA LOVES FOLKFARO. We realy hope to come agian one day. Look at our memory's at of

Mizé said...

Hi Katja, thanks for your visit and comment. Folkfaro is a good opportunity to meet diferent cultures. It was the second time I went to see the show and I loved it.
I´m glad to know you liked my country. I will visit your page soon. Cheers.