Algarve in the Summer: Sand Sculptures in Fiesa Festival

Hi. Wish you all a peaceful weekend.
In my last post I mentioned that in summertime Algarve is crowded and there´s a lot of things to do. For example, in 19th July we went out for a chinese dinner and then we watched Algarve´s Dance Company performing a live free show in Faro´s marina.

My goal is not to post every single event that takes place here but I think it´s a good idea to post about this topic now and then. It completes the other section about Algarve and gives readers some more information. I´ll try to keep my choices as frugal as possible:)

So, today´s choice for "Things to do in Algarve" is Fiesa 2008. Fiesa 2008 is the 6th edition of the International Festival of Sand Sculptures, unique in Iberic Peninsula. It takes place every day, between 22 May and 22 October, from 10.00am to 24.00 pm, and this year´s theme is Hollywood. This event is in EN 524, between the villages of Pera and Algoz.

In this festival fiction, humor and fantasy are some of the ingredients represented in sand. Since May, 56 artists from many nationalities worked to bring us great scenarios and sculptures like: Charlie Chaplin, Marlyn Monroe, King Kong, Jurassik Park dinosaurs, The Simpsons, amongst others. I´m a big Garfield fan, that´s why I picked out his picture. Imagine 30 thousand tons of sand in 15 thousand square foot, incredible han?

If you´d like to see more pictures of this year´s festival, check out this link where I found Garfield´s pic:

For more info and a map, visit the official website in:
See you soon.


Luke Zet said...

This Is Very Beautiful! Wondering how long did it take to build that.

Mizé said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting.
According to article I read the artists started working in March/April to have everything ready for the opening in May 22.

Bill said...

Wow it must of took a lot of work to put that together. Have a great one.

Mizé said...

Hi Bill. Thanks for visiting.
You´re right, it is a lot of work, but from what I´ve heard the heavy load is done by a big team of 56 artists and a few more helpers.
If you like, check out the links I mentioned in the post for more amazing pictures of this international artists` work.

Lynda said...

Thanks for this interesting post ! It's great fun to learn about different events in other parts of the world - I think that the sand sculptures are amazing :)

Mizé said...

Hi Lynda. You´re so welcome.
I´m glad you liked this post, it´s the first of a new section called: Things to do in Algarve. Although they aren´t permenent info I think this type of posts will add value to the blog.
I love sand building. When I was a kid I used to participate in sand building contests, and I won once, but nothing compared to this work :)
When I saw this year topic, so funny, I thought it was a good idea to blog about it.

Lindsay said...

That sand sculpture is awesome! I love it!

SGE said...

Hi there!

Nice blog you have here. Loved the sand sculpture! Droped you my card and you're invited do visit my travel blog.


Mizé said...

Hi Lindsay, thanks for visiting. I love sand sculptures too, and Hollywood theme is a lot of fun. If you like, check out the adress in the post for more great pictures of the same exposition.

Mizé said...

Hi Sge. Thanks for visiting and for the compliments.
Although I have this blog in Entrecard travel section, my blog is not really a travel blog. It´s more a personal journal about my projects here in Algarve. Once Algarve is a very turistic place, I sometimes post pictures about places to visit and my own plot.
Sure, I will visit your blog and reciprocate drops too.