Portuguese Menu: My Food Blog

I have started a new blog to post my Portuguese recipes and share what I know about our food traditions. I was going to call the blog Tuga Food, but after a bit of research about the topic I decided to name it Portuguese Menu.
In Portuguese Menu I will post about the Mediterranean Diet, Portuguese food, things I cook, and some traditional Portuguese recipes. This new venture is going to be a big challenge, but I will try to update it as frequently as I can. So, you´re all invited to visit my new blog, Portuguese Menu, and share your two cents, recipes, ideas, etc.
See you soon.


Mar Matthias Darin said...

This is another excellent blog and I will be returning. Very well done. Although I will have to limit my visits to the food section or my waste line will never forgive me. Some very tasty recipes there.

Take care abd best wishes for all of your blogs.

Mizé said...

Hi Mar Darin. I´m so happy you liked my newest personal journal, no paid posts here, ever :)
I had started a food section but soon I noticed I was mixing too many keywords, so I decided to start a new blog only about Portuguese Food, and that´s what this post is all about.
About the line: I lost mine long ago, lately I try to keep it very veg, but sometimes I do one of my beaty sweets.
See you soon. Cheers!

Nilz said...

My best wishes for your new blog. See you soon.

Mizé said...

Thanks Nilz, it´s alot of work to keep up with 3 blogs in English, but I´ll try my best. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Thanks for the drop. I visited your lovely country in 2006 and loved it.

Mizé said...

Hi, "my bug life". Thanks for visiting. My country is small but it´s full of treasures, I´m very happy to live in the south which, in my opinion, is the best region of the country.
Did you visit north or south?
And what did you like most? If you don´t mind me asking.