Algarve Beach Pictures: Farol Island Beach

Farol Island Beach - Faro

Time to go home

View from the boat on our way back to Faro

In August many Portuguese and other tourists come to Algarve. It´s quite a challenge to drive with so many cars and it´s very difficult to find a parking space at the beach.
Sometimes, we go to other beaches outside Faro because during August parking can be a real headache. Sometimes, to avoid all this stress we escape from Faro. My favorite beach zone is "Montegordo", but we have to drive 60 km just to get there. My second choice is Faro and Olhão islands like: Farol (in the pictures above), Culatra and Deserta. To get there, we have to go by boat from Faro or Olhão.
Most Algarve guides show "Praia da Rocha" in Portimão, or Albufeira but in my opinion the best beaches are in Tavira and Montegordo.
Remeber the video in my first posts: "Discover the Unknown Algarve"?
There´s much more to see in Algarve and that´s why I´m posting this pictures today. They were taken with my mobile phone the last time we went to Farol island so the quality isn´t the best. There´s so much to discover here where countryside and the Atlantic sea meet. I´ve been here for 15 years now and I still have a lot to discover.
See you soon :)


Anonymous said...

great pictures..this time next week..ahhh

Mizé said...

Hi. Farol is great but it burns "like hell". Each time I go there I come back home like a tomatoe, but the waters are so great. Hope you can go there some day, the boat trip is very beautiful too, you can see most of Ria Formosa and other islands. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm just back from Armona where we had a fantastic time. Next time I would like to try Farol. Do you have any links for accomodation ? Thanx