Vila Milreu - Palace View

Hello everyone,
Today, I was going trough my older image files and found a few pictures which I took before I changed My Countryhome´s editorial direction and never had a chance to publish them. So, today, I´m posting a picture of one important spot in Faro´s origins, Vila Milreu, currently known as the village Estoi.
The picture above shows the Palace´s outside view and surroundings.
Much could be said about this Palace. A couple years ago, it was renovated and converted into a hotel unit.
Researching this Palace origins and history and after posting the results here would surely be interesting. I could also visit the Palace and ask permission to take some pictures of it´s interior and gardens to publish. Although I have more topics to post here in My Countryhome, this is a type of research I would surely enjoy doing. Maybe next Spring I can find some free time for a countryside trip and do that research.
See you soon.