History: The City of Faro I

The first village know as Faro, the old Ossonoba, is dated of Séc. IV a.C. The archeological findings in Largo da Sé, fish pots, prove that by this time there was commercial contact between this region and North Africa, at least, in the second half of IV a.C and III a.C.
When Romans arrived in Algarve, Ossónoba became the capital of Civitas, a vaster region that existed in Algarve. By this the first coins were maid and this region became one of the most important port of Atlantic´s coast. They imported “Terra Sigillata” (type of china) and exported “Sasamenta” (salted fish) e “Garum” (fish paste). This commercial activities developed an extended contact with the exterior regions. They were rich people. One proof is Villa de Milreu, nearby Estói, where three imperial statues were found.

Translated by me.