Enjoying Faro Island´s Sunset

Yesterday the weather was enjoyably warm, a hot Spring day. After picking my daughter at school, we went to "Ilha de Faro" for a walk, to smell the ocean and enjoy the beautiful sunset.
I enjoy walking in the beach in the afternoon, when it´s quiet, like yesterday. It helps me relax and think about my stuff.
Ilha de Faro is near Faro´s Airport, 3/4 Km from the city downtown, +/- 10 minutes drive. The public transportation available to "Ilha de Faro" is bus, which you can catch in the central Bus station right next to "Hotel Eva", and boat departing from Faro´s Marina.
The island is located in such a way that you can appreciate both the natural beauty of "Ria Formosa" and Atlantic Ocean´s.
To get in the Island there´s a one way road bridge. I took some pictures, click them to enlarge:

Faro Island´s Entrance

Ria Formosa

Atlantic Ocean Beach


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