Holidays Destination: Ibiza

Algarve is very near south Spain, only 60 Km separate Portugal from our neighbor country. The nearest Spanish cities are Aya Monte, Isla Cristina, Huelva and Sevilla.
Algarve has many Spanish tourists that come for Easter, Summer holidays or just a weekend getaway. Spain is a frequent travel destination for Portuguese not only because it´s close but due to the diversity of sightseeing locations.
In my top list of places to visit Maiollarca comes first, followed by Ibiza.
Ibiza or Eivissa, as it´s officially called, is one of the Balearic Islands which enjoys Mediterranean weather. This island is characterized for it´s mild winters and hot summers. Like in Algarve, Ibiza´s Summer months are July and August, the high peek season. It has minimum temperatures of 19º C and maximum of 28º C, perfect for beach holidays.
Ibiza and Formentera are also known as the "Islas Pitiusas" because of the abundance of pines. Ibiza holidays offer a diversity of things to do. In my country, Ibiza is known for it´s sandy beaches, resorts and nightclubs. The lively Island has beautiful resorts worth visiting such as San Antonio, Santa Eulália and Portinatx.
Santo António offers a variety of accommodation, entertainment and a lively night time. Santa Eulalia is Ibiza's third largest resort. It´s a perfect destination for families and those seeking a quieter holiday. Santa Eulalia is known as the island's gastronomic and cultural center offering Art Galleries, the beautiful Yacht Marina and some of the island´s best restaurants. Portinatx is a complete mini resort, also ideal for family holidays. This resort offers shallow water, excellent for bathing. Ibiza's waters are amongst the cleanest in the Mediterranean, many of the beaches are continually awarded the EU Blue Flags.
Although the island is known by it´s nightclubs and resorts, holidays in Ibiza offer a variety of sightseeing spots. In 1999, Ibiza town was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The island offers remarkable natural and human heritage such as churches, monuments, caves, excellent countryside and coastline views. Top Ibiza landmarks and monuments to visit include: Monumento a Cristóbal Colón, Murallas de Ibiza, Monumento a los Corsarios, Capilla de San Ciriaco, Monumento al General Vara de Rey, among others. Ibiza also has an Archaeology Museum, a Contemporary Art Museum and it´s own folklore music.
In my opinion, Ibiza is a very good summer holidays destination because it has sun, beaches and variety of things to do such as sightseeing, sports, bike tours, guided tours, boat charter, good restaurants, etc.

Photos: makulero