My Blog About Personal Finances: Mizé Journey

Hello everyone.
If you have been following My Countryhome, you know that I enjoy blogging about Personal Finances topics. I started this blog to share what I was doing to make my dream of living in a country-home come true but when I broke with S. many things changed in my life, including my financial situation and the common objectives we had for our plot.
Blogging about our plot didn´t make much sense anymore and I even considered quitting this blog. I didn´t quit but I kind of lost focus. Without my main topic, the plot and my projects for it, I didn´t know what to write about. Plus, this blog brings me back many memories of S. and dealing with them didn´t make me feel good.
If I wanted to keep this blog, I had to find new content for it. After thinking about my options, I decided to keep the blog and change it´s focus. Then, I started posting about events, things to do and places to visit in Faro but I missed my PF posts.
More recently, I decided to start another blog just to write about Personal Finances topics. So, I bought another domain for this purpose and I´ve been working on it. I used some content I had here and new one as well.
I decided to call my blog Mizé Journey: From Broke to Financially Independent and from now on Mizé Journey is my Personal Finances web space.
Until my situation with S. and our plot is solved, I´ll keep things this way. If things between us ever change then I´ll have much to post here.
If you enjoyed my PF posts, check out my new online space: Mizé Journey.
See you soon :)


Olivia said...

Dear Mizé! I read every post you wrote on this blog, same on the Personal Finances one. I enjoy the way you write. :-) I'm planning to move one day on the Algarve and your blog is a very helpful resource. :-) I wish you all the best.

Olivia said...

I forgot to add - feel free to visit my blog. :-)