Christmas is Near

We´re only in the middle of November but in my favorite mall Christmas ornaments already color shops.
Christmas is the best time of the year to show loved ones you care about them by purchasing a gift or traveling for a brief visit. Christmas will be here before we know it and I´ve been thinking about what I will do. I´m a bit short on cash but I decided that this Christmas I´m going to visit my mother, even if I have to reccur to emergency loan lenders such as Elastic. Elastic, a credit line that can be requested online, is an easy, fast and flexible way to stretch your paycheck a little further. You can use it when you run short on cash to pay bills, avoid bounced checks, and cover unexpected expenses without high costs.
My mother lives alone in my hometown, 300 Km from where I live. It´s a 3 hours drive if I use the highway. I´m her only daughter and M. is her only granddaughter so I think the best present I can give her is showing up by surprise.
In December, I´ll have fifteen days off from my job but my daughter´s school will only close for vacations next to Christmas. Once she doesn´t have school on weekends, I´m going to visit my mother just before my vacations finish and I´m taking my daughter with me. I´m sure she´s going to love this surprise, it´s the best Christmas gift I can give her this year. I will take my camera with me to take some pictures of my hometown and post them here in My Countryhome.
See you soon :)