Sta. Iria Fair

"Sta. Iria" fair started Friday, 16, and will be here until next Sunday, 25. This fair takes place in Faro, Largo de S. Francisco, once a year and always in October.
According to "Região Sul", a regional Algarve´s newspaper, Sta Iria fair started in 1596 and every year it receives thousands of visitors.
Last Saturday, my daughter and S. went there but I stayed home.
This weekend is my turn to go. I´d like to go Friday afternoon and I hope I don´t forget the camera so I can take some pictures to post here in My Countryhome.
In Sta Iria fair we can find national and regional products, handcrafts, clothes, toys, food, books, etc. We can buy all sorts of things there but there´s also carousels for kid´s delights and food tents. Maybe I can take some pics of regional products for Portuguese Menu too.
See you :)