Places to Visit in Faro: "Carmo Church"

Carmo Church, one of the biggest monuments in Faro, is located in a square with the same name. The church is well preserved and has beautiful interior. Roman Catholic Mass is celebrated most week days at 6.00 pm .
This church has beautiful interiors and it´s huge clock is still working. The clock´s bells can be heard far away.
In Carmo square you can also find the Post Office, Telecom, other services, shops and cafes. The square is very near Faro´s downtown and it´s considered a "must" when visiting Faro´s cultural patrimony.
Carmo square has a beautiful Portuguese "Calçada" design (floor).

In front of Carmo church´s main door you can find two grave stones. Many Portuguese old churches had cemeteries but nowadays they are built in other parts of the city.
One of this stones has an inscription dated of 1796.

PS: Today, October 5th, is a national holiday. We celebrate the implementation of Portuguese Republic that occurred in October 5th, 1910.


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