The Cost of Living in Portugal: Apartment Rent

Hi everyone.
The cost of living in Portugal depends on the region. Like in most countries, it´s more expensive to live in big cities.
In Portugal, big cities are located in the littoral and interior regions are the poorest. Generally speaking, it´s more expensive to live in cities like Lisbon, Porto and Faro than in Guarda, Setúbal or Beja.
Although I was born in Setúbal, the third biggest city in Portugal, I´m more aware of Faro´s reality so my posts about the cost of living in Portugal will focus on this region´s prices.
The first thing you need to consider when living in Algarve is house prices. Algarve lives of tourism and prices can vary according to the season, in summer prices tend to go up.
In today´s post I will focus on flat´s rents.
The prices posted here were researched by me but you can find variations. All prices refer only to the rent, services are extras. This prices were the lowest I could find and most flats have more than eight years.
So, renting a flat with furniture in Faro can cost:

T1 - 350.00 - 400.00 Euros
T2 - 400.00 - 500.00 Euros
T3 - 500.00 - 650.00 Euros

The smaller flats are more difficult to find. There are many T3 available in the market but less T1 and T0. Many landlords rent flats with contract, be prepared to pay two rents value in the first month.
In the future, I will post about food and services´ prices.


Mrs. Mecomber said...

Interesting! If the Euro is close to the same value of the American dollar, then your costs for flats is very comparable to the costs in my area (Central New York State). However, if you go into the cities, they can be more. In Manhattan (300 miles from me), rent is so expensive-- $2000 or more for a small apartment!

Nilz said...

Informative post - in fact once I tried to research on rate of rental flats in Portugal using different websites - but it is always the best practice to learn it from someone, who is trustworthy and at the same time - well aware of the market rate.
I believe you qualify well in respect of the both.

Laura said...

Hi Mize
This series of posts will be very helpful to me, thank you in advance :)

Mizé said...

Hi Rebecca. Thanks for commenting.
Currently, Euro is higher than US dollars.
This values only apply to Faro, where I live. In cities like Lisbon prices are more expensive, but nothing compared to Manhattan :)
You can get a decent flat in Libon´s downtown with less than 1.000 Euros/ month.
So, the zone where you live is very affordable and by the pics I see in your blog it has great views.
A good Monday xx

Mizé said...

Hi Nilz.
Thanks so much for your compliments.
In fact, I´m aware of the market´s rate here in Faro, just never posted much about this topic.
One thing is true, if you need info about a place talk to people who live there.
A good Monday!