Countryside: A Roman Bridge

Hello everyone.
Hope you´re having a good weekend.
Today, I´m posting pictures of a very old Roman bridge you can find in Algarve´s countryside.
Romans were "everywhere" in Europe, they built many roads and bridges to travel and make business. They had a strong presence in Portugal and Spain.
Bridges like the one in the picture above are only a part of Roman´s influence in Lusitania culture.
Portuguese language legacy is also influenced by Hebraic, Greek and Latin.
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Rebecca said...

What wonderful photos! I have studied the ancient Romans. Someday I hope to see Europe and experience some of those old remains. Thanks for sharing, it made my day!

Nilz said...

Agreed! This makes a different day when we look at those civil constructions. I just get amazed because of the structural stability.
Thanks indeed.

Hicham said...

Such kind of architecture is always fascinating for me because it make me think How many people have passed over and under this bridge!

Strange but true :P

Gem said...

Looks a lot like the movies. I hope I get to see these bridges for real.

Anonymous said...

Yeh, the Roman's were an interesting study for myself. You people in Europe are lucky, here in Australia we have very few ruins beyond the age of about 150 years.


asmaliana said...

As roman leave many ruins in Portugal, in my home town, the Portuguese leave many ruins and because of that my state (Malacca) become famous as UNESCO make it into World Heritage List..

gLoR!e said...

i saw this one in ever after? hehehe

Sandra Carvalho said...

Fotos lindissimas Mizé!
A única coisa que me fascina neste país é a sua História e todos os monumentos e seus restícios.
Eu sou natural de Santiago do Cacém.Nasci e cresci ao pé de um castelo mouro e sempre que podia ía até ás Ruínas de Miróbriga.
Muito bonito mesmo.
Beijinhos e bom fim de semana.

Mizé said...

Hi. Thanks all for your comments.

Rebecca: Glad you liked the pics. Romans had a strong presence in our country. We have many bridges and roads built by them.
Europe has a great cultural patrimony, my country is worth visiting because of that. I would love to visit NY too.

Nilz: You´re welcome. I also wonder how they were able to built this structures with few resources, they´re still standing, lol. In contrast with new buildings they seem strong and well built constructions. Romans, Greeks and Egiptians were great engineer. Cheers!

Hicham: Thanks for commenting. Me too. I also wonder how they managed. Portugal is so rich in this type of patrimony.

Mizé said...

Gem: I think you would also love to see our palaces and old castles, you´d be amazed.
Hey, that´s a good idea for new posts, lol.

Nicholas: You´re right, we´re so lucky. That´s why Europe is called the old continent.
Australia has great things too, like wild life.
Thanks for your visit and comment.

Mizé said...

Asmaliana: Thanks for your visit and comment.
Yes, Portuguese people can be found all over the world.
In "Tordosilhas" half the world was ours and the other half was Spanish, lol.
I´ve heard of Malacca, would love to visit and I´m happy we contributed to UNESCO recognition. Cheers!

Mizé said...

Glorie: Really? Is that a TV show?

Sandra: Oi! Eu também gosto do nosso património arquitectónico. Eu nasci em Setúbal, vivi lá durante 19 anos. Visitei quase todos os monumentos da zona, até Mafra e Évora em excursões da escola e outras.
O meu pai também nasceu na zona de Santiago!
Acho que nunca fui às ruinas de Miróbriga, pelo menos não me estou a lembrar.
Boa semana. Bjs.