Things To Do In Faro: Santa Iria Funfair

Hi everyone. Weekend arrived, hope you have a good one.
Today´s post is about things to do in Faro.
The 2008 edition of Faro´s fair, called "Feira de Santa Iria" started yesterday and will finish on 26th October. The fair takes place in Largo de S. Francisco, near town center, and it´s organized by the City Hall and Ambifaro.
The schedule is the following:

~ From Monday to Thursday - das 17:00h às 24:00h
~ Friday - das 17:00h à 01:00h
~ Saturday - das 15:00h à 01:00h
~ Sunday - das 15:00h às 24:00h

In this fair you can buy different goods and food. You´ll find a bit of everything, from clothes, bags and shoes to kitchen supplies, regional products, etc. You can also find some good deals and frugal findings. Feira de Santa Iria is a funfair both for kids and adults.
As you can imagine, this is a big event in this small town because it only takes place once a year. Let´s see if the weather helps, it always rains in this time of the year.
See you soon :)

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Nilz said...

Well said - "A bit of everything" - this is the basic characteristics of any fair.
In our locality, we get to see different fairs. Apart from Book fair, or Travel fair - all other fairs, particularly those associated with religious beliefs and rather traditional in nature will sell 'a bit of everything' and price? Incredibly low!
Have a great time.

Anonymous said...

I like the atmosphere at fairs...with food, music and lotsa goodies for sale. Wish there's one here I can attend :)