My Countryhome Won a Portuguese Award

Hi everyone.
Weekend´s here, hope you have a good one.
My Countryhome received this beautiful Portuguese award from Freaky Frugalite!
Thanks so much, I´m so happy to know you consider me a friend!
It means a lot to me. I´m going trough tough times in my offline life, stuff I don´t want to blog about now, and this award made my day, better saying, my week!
This award is special, it´s a Portuguese friendship award. The meaning is: "This Blog Invests and Believes in Proximity", which is a great ideal for bloggers, unless you´re blogging only to yourself.
The award itself is so beautiful. Since very young I´ve always liked to draw butterflies and countryside scenarios.
Well, I´ve meet so many great bloggers trough Entrecard that it´s difficult to choose just a few, so maybe I´ll do a second edition of this award, lol.
For now, I´d like to pass this award to:

~ Mathia Chronicles Blog

~ Move to Portugal

~ The Single Parent Talks

~ A Moment to Exhale

~ Mhar's Displays

~ Emptystreets

~ Lainy´s Musings

~ Atniz

~ Reenashwina

PS: This award doesn´t have rules. You can blog about it or not, and you can pass it to as many blogs you want, it´s up to you.
Have fun, and socialize! That´s what this award is all about.
Cheers :)


MarlyMS said...

I appreciate you giving me this gift MIze. Will work on it soon. TAke care and stay healthy.

Mira said...

Thanks for this award Mize, I greatly appreciate that you chose me from your long list of online friends "wink". Hope you have a great weekend!

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Gem said...

Thank you! I remember you translating the meaning of this award for me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the award Mize x

mharms said...

Hello is the post url for the tag :)