Pictures of Alcoutim Countryside

If you enjoyed the pictures in my recent post "Algarve Countryside", great because today I´m posting two more from that day:

The place in the pictures above is in Alcoutim´s region. It´s a very beautiful place. The river´s name is "Guadiana". I have a few more pics of this region, including a waterfall.
This pictures are free to use as long as you credit the author, which is Sérgio Evaristo, and link back to My Countryhome blog.
See you soon :)


Gem said...

Wow! You're that far already, congratulations!

By the way I got you featured in Weekend Lovers. I don't want you to miss it.

Mizé said...

Hi Gem thanks for visiting.
Far??? Please explain better.
I´m having a problem in commenting in your blog Lady Programer. I think I have to be loged in my Google account but sometimes it doesn´t work. I was going to send you a mail about it.
I wanted to thank you for posting about My country home in your blog, it was very sweet of you!