Algarve Countryside Pictures

Hello everyone.
Today I´m posting more Algarve´s countryside pictures:

Pictures Author: Sérgio Evaristo - My Countryhome Blog - Portugal


Gem said...

Thanks for sharing Mize. That's really a nice cool river. Looks inviting!

Nilz said...

Hi Mizé! I like the changed header photo - it looks more sharp!
Besides, thanks for the photos you have shared on 'Alcoutim region'. Each of them is full of elegance and besides your soothing narration, this is the other reason - I'll revisit your blog as often as I can.

Mrs. Mecomber said...

Oh what beautiful countryside!

Anonymous said...

More of the reasons I'm moving there, just beautiful :)

Rachel said...

Looks beautiful - just make sure you buy a big house when you move there and then we can all come and visit!

siella said...

very cool view, made me wanna pick the flowers and smell them...

Mizé said...


To all: I´m very glad you liked my hubby pics, he´s much better photographer than I am. This place transmits me an imense calmness, great for pics too.
It´s a great region but too isolated for my taste. I´m always devided between beach and countryside, so I guess I have to be half way.

Gem: You´re welcome. It´s a great place to visit but too isolated to live. Will visit your sites soon.

Mrs Mecomber: It is, and very sunny too.

Move to Portugal: When you move, we´ll have more chances to go for a coffe, right?
We´ll chat about other places worth visiting :)

Rachel: I´m not moving there, it´s very far from Faro, my life is here in this city. Although the view is great it´s too much isolated, real countryside.
I would love to have money to build a nice house and I would sure invite you all, with plane tickets included :)

Siella: I agree with you, the flowers are a great detail in this pics. My hubby tried to catch them with the view.