My Countryhome Topics

Hello everyone,
I finished editing labels, content and changing My Countryhome´s layout so I´m back to normal posting. My Countryhome has now a different focus, it has become more a South-Portuguese travel/photo blog. My new agenda´s goal is to write, at least, a new post each week.
In the next months, with the contribution of my friend M., I will post mostly pictures and brief descriptions of places we find interesting in our small trips.
Occasionally, I will post an article about a different foreigner traveling destination. The place I choose to write about can be a destination I would enjoy visiting or I find interesting in any way, culturally or for entertainment.
From now on, in My Countryhome, I will only post Personal Finances topics if they´re related to travel. As some of my readers already know, my Personal Finances blog is now Mizé Journey.
So, I hope you enjoy the changes and keep visiting My Countryhome!
See you soon.