Distractions For a Long Trip

My recent trip to my hometown was very good. I decided to drive at night, not usual in me, because I wanted to be sure I would get there Friday night so I could enjoy the whole weekend.
It has been a while since I last made such a long trip driving. I had to stop a few times along the way to drink coffee because I was feeling a bit sleepy. My daughter got a bit bored during the trip too because she was anxious to arrive to my hometown. You know how kids are, they need distractions in long trips and my daughter forgot to take her video games. Instead, we sang some songs together which was nice too. I felt less sleepy and she got distracted singing Christmas songs.
One thing is true, not only kids get bored during long trips, adults can get pretty bored too. Everybody could use an extra activity to liven up that long road trip. Instead of the typical Eye Spy games, playing road trip Bingo can be a good idea.
Road trip is an Online Bingo game which has cards with various items people often see along the road. You can see one of these cards in the picture below.

When you find an item on the card, place a sticker on it. The first person to get Bingo- horizontal, vertical, or across- wins. Pretty funny for a long trip, don´t you think?
Bingo is one of my favorite card games, I could spend many hours playing it. Playing bingo with a group of friends is even more fun. It can be a good distraction after a dinner at home with friends or in other different occasions. Lesson learned, when making a long trip, we need kid´s distractions even late at night. I´ll post some pictures I took in this trip soon.