Things To Do in Algarve: Rock One

Live concerts and cars is the combination you will find in "Rock One", a big event taking place in Portimão city.
Live concerts are one of the things that make me forget the idea of saving money. When I found that "Linking Park", one of my favorite bands of the moment, were going to perform live in Rock One I didn´t resist and bought a one day ticket for me and my daughter. I don´t regret a cent, it was an awesome concert and a very well spent night.
Here´s the live concerts´program of "Rock One", a 4 days event:

Confirmed Bands:

August, 5:

00h40 James Morrison
23h20 Klepht
21h30 Linkin Park
20h30 Fonzie

August, 6:

00h40 Bloc Party
22h50 Os Pontos Negros
21h30 Dub Inc.
20h30 Mia Rose

August, 7:

00h40 The Waterboys
22h50 James
21h30 Bjorn Again
20h30 Ana Free

August, 8:

00h40 The Offspring
22h50 My Bloody Valentine
21h30 Tara Perdida
20h30 The Doups