Flowers in Pots

Hello everyone.
Weekend´s here, hope you all have a good one.
The (very) hot weather arrived to Portugal and tomorrow we´re going to the beach to have this year´s first swim.
My daughter took some flower pictures in my birthday and I´d like to share them with you:

See you soon :)


Mariuca said...

Those are very pretty Mize and I hope u had a wonderful birthday. Hugs! :):):)

Nilz said...

Flowers are always beautiful. And rose is my favorite.

Sandra Carvalho said...

Tens aí umas fotos bem giras miga!
Desculpa lá a minha ausencia mas comecei a trabalhar há quase 1 mês e o tempo escasseia!LOL!
Espero k esteja td bem por aí!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Some beautiful flowers for your birthday. I hope you had a great time.

Mizé said...

Hello fellow bloggers.
Thanks all for visiting and commenting.
I love flowers so much! For me, they´re all beautiful no matter if they grow wild or were planted in pots.
I spent my birthday working but my daughter went to a pic-nic with my ex. She took many pictures. She likes my blogs and wants to somehow cotribute to My Countryhome blog. She´s the new resident photographer of My Countryhome, lol.
See you :):)