Algarve´s Food

I´m starting a new section in My Countryhome dedicated to Portuguese food. In this "foodie" section of the blog, I will post pictures of Portuguese specialties and goodies.
I won´t post any recipes here, for that you can visit my food blog: Portuguese Menu.
So, why am I starting this new blog section with a (not that good) shrimp´s picture? Simply because Algarve is well known for it´s fish and seafood specialties. The shrimps in the picture above were one of my weekend "Petiscos" :)


Lynda said...

Mmmmm .... that looks absolutely delicious !

Mizé said...

Hi Lynda. I love fresh sea food, it´s one of my favorite luxaries and some of my best recipes include it. You got it, the right word is Mmm...:)
In Algarve we can find sea food easily, at a reasonable cost. I suppose you can get some sea food there too, or am I wrong?
Thanks for visiting, I recently subscribed your blog´s feed by mail so I don´t miss your new posts. Cheers.