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Hello World!
Welcome to My CountryHome Blog.
My Countryhome is now a Travel and Photography blog.
My Country Home Blog is a space where I share my views of the region I live: Algarve in south Portugal, and discover other places in the world I would like to visit. Although I don´t travel as much as I´d like to, I enjoy it very much.
There´s so much to discover out there...


SMA said...

Hello Mize! I'm glad to meet you !:)
There are a lot of things we have in common and I find this very nice.
For example I live in a country home and I must tell you : IT IS AMAZING!!
I wish you good luck and be strong, to make your dreams real.
But, even you'll be very busy don't forget about glass paintings.
I'll be here from now.
Hugs, Sma

Mizé said...

Hi SMA. Thanks for visiting. Only now I saw your comment, sorry for my distraction.
Living in a country home is another life...
With so many projects going on right now, I have no time to paint in glass. I have a work to finish since last year. Maybe in this summer vacation I find some time to finish it.
Thanks for your support.
Hugs, Mizé.